Let’s talk about Bible Prophecy

How can it seem the end times are always imminent? The world has seemed on the edge of destruction during every era. Jesus’ disciples were convinced they were living in the end times. What about things which have already happened the way the bible said they would? It does seem the best way for God to convince us of who He is would be to prove that He is outside of time. The easiest way to prove this would be to tell us something we couldn’t possibly know, like what happens next. Yes, we can make logical guesses, so to drive home the point, make it something we would have NEVER guessed would happen. Right?

Our perception of time is unidirectional. We can only see the past, but we can’t go back there. We can only move toward the future, but we can’t see it. It almost seems as time is not a full dimension. It’s like we live in 3.5 Dimensions. But a higher dimensional being who lives outside of our time-space would have full access. (Or so it seems.)

So, how is it the bible seems so accurate? Well, there are a few scenarios we might consider.

There is a possibility that the bible has been compiled and altered to give the illusion that it is always correct. In this view, the prophecies in the bible which are proven to have been fulfilled were written or edited after the fact. This is all done in secret. Of course, when the writings were compiled, the general masses weren’t educated, so this was easy to pull off. The real trick with this is to track down all known copies and destroy the ones which no longer match the official copy. Throw in a “dark age” and all editing which happened before are hidden well. Keep in mind, the bible is a collection of writings. Several times in history there were major shifts in which writings and which versions were in the official collection.

Another possibility is the text could be ambiguous enough to fit several scenarios. It is open to interpretation. The more an author understands human nature (psychology?), the easier it is to understand and predict trends. Knowing several possible future scenarios, a writer can present them all. This can be done by writing several different papers, then focusing on the one that is closest to the truth, after the fact. Of course, a truly good author can write so that anyone of the scenarios could be interpreted from one writing. Make sure the readers believe it is code. Nostradamus comes to mind.

Translation is a factor too. Meaning is easily lost in translation. Bias is often lost or gained in translation. The incident at the Tower of Babel was truly effective in keeping man from reaching full potential. Divine divide and conquer through psyops. Separate enclaves of people will naturally emphasize according to needs and desires. Keep these enclaves separate long enough, the cultures will be entirely different. It can become very difficult to bring two cultures together. It is possible to combine cultures to create a larger, fuller culture, but somethings can be lost. Even with one language, enclaves of people will create different cultures. Global communication is a way to minimize this, but the damage is done. Acceptance of other cultures is key to peace.

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