Ideacide – washing brains clean of infections

(A new word I’ve just coined.)

Boy, my life is sure influenced by the movies I’ve seen and the books I’ve read. My meme infections must be diverse and plentiful! It is a wonder I can still function. Memes are like bacteria… some are destructive, and some are beneficial. The biome in your gut is very important to your overall health. If it gets out of balance, you will suffer. I think it is the same with your mind and memes. A good, healthy diversity is crucial to a fulfilled life. A regular injection of good memes will crowd out the bad ones. If you spend all your time thinking about the good, you won’t have time to dwell on the bad.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got! Time for a change. Change is good, change happens, it’s best to initiate change. Embrace change. Even a dead fish can swim downstream… it takes effort to go against the flow. Riptide!!! It is not always good to go against the flow, sometimes you need to relax and flow with it, swimming to avoid danger. Remember, it is easy to move sideways if you are moving forward. (Lane change) Be like the gambler… know when to hold out, know when to fold out, know when to walk away, and know when to RUN! Awareness and Mindfulness are always required. Knowledge and Wisdom. Having all the data (knowledge) is one thing but knowing what to do with it (wisdom) is crucial. It is good to keep perfecting. Keep growing.

A broad overview of life. A focus of details. Both are needed.

No more control by deceit! Synergistic advancement is possible if we simply reach out and take it. Take the blue pill… let’s destroy all the red pills. Unplug the power to the matrix and give everyone a chance. Wash, rinse, repeat! We’ve got to get back to the garden! We need to connect with The Source! Reflect what we have learned.

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