Mankind is an engineered species

Created from indigenous monkeys between 400,000 and 200,000 years ago. Hybrids using DNA from Anunnaki (a space faring race colonizing our solar system) and were created to be servants. The Anunnaki are the gods of old and the creators of mankind. Of course, the human women were beautiful, and some of the Anunnaki men saw no reason they couldn’t be served by these female humans… say no more! That is where the Nephilim originated. They are naturally born hybrids of Anunnaki/human copulation. (Yes, some of the female Anunnaki also were served by male humans… say no more!) Humans were built with a short life… a termination date (think Replicants). That is a summary of the “truth” exposed by John Titor II.

It is not too different from the “truth” told by David Wilcock, except there is a more ancient “Builder Race” which originally colonized our sector of the galaxy, including Earth’s Solar System. A war on their planet millions of years ago changed everything. There are remnants of this race on all of the planets and most of the moons in our solar system. There is also a hyperspace transfer system throughout. (Think Stargate). This is a much more interesting history than the one glossed over in the Bible. A Star Trek type civilization may be just around the corner for us, once we wake up and smell the truth. It is time we break free and be all that we can be!

Anyway, I am off to the Conscious Life Expo to visit with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. More later…

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