Metaphysical, what does THAT mean?

Metaphysical, what does THAT mean?

The “Meta” prefix connotates inclusion of something more than physical, right? Or does it simply include the unseen physical?

Air is physical. We cannot see it. We know it is there by things it affects. We can only see trees move in the wind. We can feel the wind. We can see particulates suspended in air. What is the shape of air? (Daniel Amos reference… Oh, and we cannot live without air.

Radio waves over the Air waves! (Thomas Dolby Reference… There can be 100s of radio stations all around us and we don’t know it but they are there! All this information, music, whatever, is passing right through us. The only way we can detect them is to have a receiver, and then we need to tune it to the correct frequency. Radio waves are invisible, yet we can detect them. Radio waves pass through solid objects, the air, or a vacuum. Waves are simply a transfer of energy. In fact, scientist at one time concluded that light is a wave, so there had to be something, a kind of medium, in space for it to pass through. If this medium didn’t exist, the energy from the sun would not transfer to the earth because waves cannot transmit through nothing.

This is interesting. We know that the electromagnetic spectrum passes through space. Space is not a perfect vacuum. Space is filled with energy, gravity, matter, antimatter, does it matter? We know the speed of light. It is considered a constant at 186,000 miles or so per second.

We also know light can be bent through a medium like water, or a prism. It can even be bent by gravity in space.

It is said that the speed of light is a constant of the universe. There are also studies which show the speed of light is slowing down. Now, it can’t be both constant and changing speed. I wonder if the reason light seems to be slowing down is that Time is speeding up! We already know that time changes depending on your relative speed according to relativity. Can’t argue with Einstein, right?

If time can speed up and slow down, how do we know how old the universe is? Who has time to figure this all out? Should we?

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