The gravity of the situation

The gravity of the situation

What is this mysterious force we know as gravity?

It is a swirling vortex of energy transferring in a toroidal loop (mmmmmmm, doughnut!). It is ex nihilo, where something is made from nothing in the hologram which makes up everything. Zero point. Or something like that

Gravity is a mysterious force which appears in all matter. The more matter you have in a location, the more gravity there is.

Gravity is attractive!

Gravity is a force which attracts matter to matter. Birds of a feather, so to speak. This attraction of anything to earth is a constant 32 feet per second per second. (The second per second is because it is accelerating, constantly.)

The moon is falling!

The moon is falling to earth constantly. (Actually, earth is attracted to the moon too… but let’s keep this simple.) It never crashes into the earth because there is another force, momentum, keeping it in orbit. This combination of forces is why we can put an object in orbit around the earth.

The earth spins on its axis at around a thousand miles per hour at the surface. (See, the earth is around 24,900 miles circumference and it takes 24 hours to make one rotation… YAY Math!!!) There is a point above the earth were an object traveling at the right speed will stay in orbit just like the moon. (Momentum plus gravity) So, if the object is traveling in the same direction the earth is spinning at the right speed, it will be in geosynchronous orbit (going around the earth once a day). If it is at the equator, it is a geostationary orbit, meaning the object will hang in the sky over the same spot.

Magical! It’s why your GPS knows where you are…

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