Once, a long time ago, I read in a magazine a fantastic view of the future. I laughed at the audacity of the story when the main character went into a store and paid a dollar for a bottle of water. This seemed so ludicrous to me… because to me, a glass of water was free, even in the drought (the one last century, not the one that just ended). I was reminded of this story when I paid MORE than a dollar for a liter of water, and thought nothing of it. It was a prophecy come true!

This recollection reminded me of the fact that that magazine was my favorite of all time. It was a wonderful blend of Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Para-everything. Most of all, it was a futurist magazine. It gave validity to much of what interested me, and blurred the distinctions. I really do miss that magazine… oh, I am talking about Omni Magazine, of course. It really did have EVERYTHING!

How many of you remember that magazine? It ran from 1979 to 1997 (or there about… I just like the fact that the last two digits switched places… like when George Orwell named his 1948 novel 1984.) In 2013 there was talk of resurrecting it… but that has not come to fruition. Sad.

But, that talk of resurrection did let me know I wasn’t the only one transformed by that publication. One of the people who wanted to resurrect it was not old enough to have read it during the publication days, but found a collection of them in an estate sale. It just blew him away!

It would be fun to go through the archives of articles and compare them to now. I believe the content would still be relevant, and the ads would be comical. I would love to see all of the artwork again… perhaps I will. I understand all of the issues are available on Amazon Kindle now.

I’ll start with this issue.


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