Sub Conscious Programming

Sub Conscious Programming

One interesting “fact” as taught in The Secret

The sub-conscious mind doesn’t really understand negative words like DON’T. It will ignore that word if you use it.

I had a real difficult time understanding how the incredible subconscious mind would do something like this. I mean, if it is the incredible manifestation machine it is said to be, it seems it would understand simple commands.

I like to experiment with things like this. Here is an experiment I did back in the day when I rode my bicycle often: As I rode along I would notice an object I needed to avoid; a rock, a piece of glass, etc. As I approached the object, I would concentrate on it. I would tell myself “don’t hit that”. I would concentrate and tell myself as a mantra; “Don’t Hit That!

And do you know what?

More often than not, no matter how much I concentrated on the object, I would hit it. (Usually with my back tire. See, my conscious mind could see the object and turn the wheel at the last second to just miss it, but would resume the straight path it was on.)

Seriously. I made every effort not to hit the object, but the harder I concentrated on Not Hitting it, the more likely I would hit it.

It was comical, yet dangerous.

So, I decided to put what I had learned into action. Instead of concentrating on Not Hitting the object, I would pick an empty spot next to the object. Then I would concentrate on Hitting that spot. This works surprisingly well. I have found, as long as I concentrate on any spot that wasn’t the object, I would hit that spot and miss the object. I experimented with this numerous times… and it surprised me how well this tactic works!

Not really sure why. I suspect it has something to do with the subconscious being forever positive. Negative words like can’t and don’t just are not part of its command vocabulary. (Software coders should understand this.) Only positive actions are understood. In fact, all actions are understood AS positive. Perhaps negative actions are impossible to the subconscious because negativity is a recent, conscious construct. (I read that somewhere.)

If you tell yourself, “Don’t allow that to happen” the subconscious only sees the command word “allow” so what is received is the command, “allow that to happen”. Strange but true.

It is dangerous. If we are co-creating our existence, as some believe, we are giving conflicting orders.

We are the glitch!

No wonder our existence is so out of order.

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