Rainy days and Mondays

Rainy days and Mondays

Monday is traditionally the least favorite day of the working class,

and lasagna eating cartoon cats.

Why are there classes?

The social contract should be changed. It seems that everyone should contribute to the fullness of their ability; but most do not come close to their potential in such a society. (Sorry if this sounds a bit communistic.) What could be done to help inspire individuals to pursue their full potential? (What ever happened to the Human Potential Movement?)

Technology must be pursued to help. Finding quick ways to teach and impart information and skills would be a great tool in building a new world. Equality and fairness is key. If somebody longs to do something, they should be able to pursue doing it. Everyone should have their basic needs met, and the definition of Basic Needs should shift as society grows.

I have seen people who are quite content at a level far below their potential. This results in a majority who are just getting their needs met, and stay there. (Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, etc., it just doesn’t matter.)

(I am reminded of The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson)

Classes seem to just occur. But I wonder, is it possible to engineer a society where this majority is slowly nudged toward their potential?

I envision a group of educators dedicated to doing just that. Inspiring inspiration. Perhaps that is what religion was meant to do. Helping individuals introspect. (Aha! This is the goal of Rousseau Arts and the Book of I!)

I’m visualizing the future. Not only personal future, but the future of everyone. My love of Star Trek is because it seems based on the idea of a future in line with a fair and equal life for everyone. What kind of safeguards can be set up to ensure this?

Moral high ground is determined by whom? Perhaps an external power, like God? An extensive set of rules, written on the heart? That would be nice.

Selflessness – is it possible?

As we move toward the next density, are we heading the right way?

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