Some Pig

Some Pig

Last week I saw the stage performance of Animal Farm. What a great location for it, (Will Geer Ranch). It was a musical. A very enjoyable and wonderful performance.

It showed how easily individuals can be manipulated from a dream of utopia to a dystopian tyranny. Some of the lines were adapted to represent current times. (Mentioning Alternate Reality, for example.)

Of course, Snowball (the visionary, thinking pig) was my favorite character. This pig had the vision of the utopian future for all animals. Working together, each doing as much as able, would bring this vision to reality.

The animals were being repressed by the abusive, drunken farmer… reading the farmers books helped kickstart the (R)evolution. Reading is Fundamental!

The “simple, practical pig”, Napoleon was the strong leader. He also had ambition. Having been the runt of the litter, Napoleon was crafty. His narrow vision, selfishness, and strong leadership skills resulted in Dystopia.

Scary how easily it went from good to bad…

It was a great retelling of the George Orwell classic. I am inspired to find my copy of the book and give it a fresh read.

Perhaps a book review will come from this, if anyone is interested. Oh, and for those of you hoping to see something about Charlot’s Web… sorry about that. 😉

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