Reading is fundamental

I believe that. There is something about reading which opens the Corpus Callosum and allows the communication between right and left brain flow freely. At least this is true for me. I suspect it is true for most. I wonder if the diversity of books I read help… and also my dabbling in Photoreading. A belief system (perhaps just a collection of memes) allows this to happen in me. I think the fact that I am just a regular guy helps place me in a position to be accepted by regular people. The other 99%. Why would anyone select this book to help them help themselves? (I hope that it does, because God would help them too. You know, since God helps those who help themselves.) It is true, when you focus on your center, your source… your source will help you with everything. The Source does this anyway, but it may not understand your true desires… especially if you don’t. Communication with The Source is crucial. Profound.

What is the Source Field? I think if we understood string theory well enough, we would understand how it is the field in which everything is connected. If we look at The Law of One, we will see it fits nicely. The One Source is the origin of this Source Field. Use the Source, Luke! Yes, that is right, and it rhymes too! The Source of the Force and the Force of the Source. (I like juxtaposing terms like that… The Art of Science and the Science of Art for example.) Actually, sitting in the office writing is good for me. I can see the books on my bookshelf easily, so when I stare off into space, I sometimes get ideas. I tend to look up and to the left when I think. (Accessing my right brain for creativity.) Neotech teaches me that the right brain is home of the sub-conscious. I think that is a little too literal, but there may be some truth to it, in which the right side is the contact point, or interface for the sub-conscious. The left brain is the contact, or interface for the conscious-analytical mind.

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