When there are several tweets from President Trump

I glanced at them. Almost numb to whatever he has to say. I am beginning to feel sorry for him. I think he is trying to manifest his innocence. It seems he has been using “The Secret” for his whole life, and perhaps the presidency is the pinnacle of his life. A surprising one, even to him. Now that his private life is in the public, and more minds have him in mind… he has too much competition. I believe this is why the elite have tried so hard to keep The Secret secret. The more people who use it mindfully, the less effective it is individually. It is human kind which manifest, not just certain individuals. That is why like-minded groups can manifest. If we all believe each individual can have abundance, then it will manifest. The focus on scarcity is what manifests scarcity. It is why serving Mammon is bad.

News from the future: “The Trump Presidential Library was released in a thumb drive containing a record of all his tweets in chronological order. It is Gold colored with the Trump logo emblazoned on it. A timeline chart of achievements of the USA during his administration including the trial is provided in printable PDF. A gofundme link is provided for those who wish to contribute to his treatment costs. Copies of the Trump Library may be purchased at the Mar Lago Gift Shop for 12 Dogecoins. The gift shop features a bookshelf of all the books Donald J. Trump has read, an homage to Dr. Seuss. But, of course, a free decrypted copy may be downloaded from Wikileaks. The download includes copies of the email exchanges entitled from Russia with Love.”

Hey, it could happen!

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