So, the question is

If people really believe in a deep state, why they can’t believe that deep state could’ve put Trump in office. They literally played their Trump card. They have him in position and are making changes to shore up their control.

Let’s use the analogy of conscious/subconscious to look at this. First, let’s take a look at the Web verses the Dark Web. The internet is much bigger than most realize, especially with the internet of Things. I suggest the Dark Web is the subconscious of our modern tower of babble. The tip of the iceberg is what Google has indexed and gladly shows us, but the rest of the internet is underwater waiting for the unsinkable ship of modern society strikes it.

Let me take a side track to discuss the motive of the iceberg. The iceberg was not being malicious when it sunk Titanic. In fact, the iceberg was just there… it was the ship which struck the iceberg. The iceberg was not the cause of the accident. It was the victim.

Okay, back to our analogy. In the same way the Dark Web is the real under-workings of the internet, the Deep State is the true under-workings of the world. The Deep State is where the real work is done, all under the surface. It is not malicious, but it may be manipulated by malicious people just as the Dark Web may be manipulated by malicious hackers. Society Hackers – SOC HACKS. Sometimes those hackers are in plain sight, and sometimes they are in their mother’s basements. A good taskforce can root them out.

Well now, what are we to do with our current political farce? We need to get a good taskforce and have them root out the hacks.

Deep Space is the space we know nothing about. There is Space, and Deep Space. The Web and the Dark Web. The State and the Deep State. Basically, we can see that the Iceberg Analogy works on just about everything. The Mind and the Deep Mind. The Spirit and the Deep Spirit. Ground and Underground. It all boils down to our three-dimensional universe. If we can lock ourselves into the fourth dimension and observe the other three dimensions, we still don’t have a clear view of all three. Motion is required, movement through time. It is not until we reach the fifth dimension that we have a possibility of seeing all three dimensions of space at once. We are locked in spacetime for now… perhaps when we shift in reality to the next frequency, we will be able to slip out of time into the fifth dimension. We are shifting into a higher density in which our relative density will decrease. (We are, after all, very dense beings.)

Hey, shift happens!

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