Reflecting on the Greg Bear book – Blood Music

Yes, I had recently reviewed this book,, but I’m still thinking about it.

I was struck by the out of date references juxtaposed to the intriguing nanotech storyline. This was apparently written last century but is still ahead of its time. The curious assignment of intelligence to microbiology reminded me of the book by Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief, about cellular intelligence and how the cells in the body communicate. An introduction of noosphere raised my eyebrows in how it interpreted the word. A thought provoking spin to be sure.

The noocytes of the story are a galaxy below human macro-biology in size, yet their hive-mind ability makes them superior. I loved the hint of ancestral memories being passed down in DNA, memories which are accessible. This reminded me of the Akashic Records. Quantum mechanics is the focus of the noocytes, and they explore the vast reaches of innerspace as humans (should) explore the vast reaches of outerspace.

The shift of observable physics caused by intention of the noocytes group think blew my mind, reminding me of the predicted solar flash changing our physics in this solar system. As Richard Feynman said, there is plenty of room at the bottom. This whole concept cements the anthropological design of the universe, meaning that the distance between man and outerspace is equivalent to the distance between man and innerspace. Man is right there in the middle of creation.

So, once again… what do I do with that? I am constantly shifting in my understanding of everything. This is a good thing, and I enjoy the ride. But still, what is the reason for the shift. Yes, shift happens. It is proof I am alive, I guess.

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