Remember, remember, reflecting on Guy Fawkes Day

November 5th was Guy Fawkes Day and I wrote a bit about it then:

Today I reflected on what that day was all about. What was the world really like back in 1605? How could a group of Catholics come up with a plot to blow up Parliament? How many conspirators were there? Was this a failed “False Flag” event? Has mankind really changed in the last 400 years? Could the PTB still be the same group? Vatican rap!

No memory of a dream last night. I sometimes wonder how the dreams fade away, and if they perhaps simply become normalized memory. Could dreams change facts of actual memories? Perception is fickle.

Now that Donald J. Trump has finished his Asia tour, I wonder what will happen. (Why does this remind me of Evita’s Rainbow tour.) STS is the driving force DJT. (What is more poisonous, DDT or DJT?) I really want to rant and rave about the state of the union, but the stark division in the country is a powder keg. It is a known fact that I am not a President Trump fan.

George Washington was hit in the mouth by a cannon ball, which is why he needed false teeth. (I think that is what I remember. Lafayette had something to do with it.) The history we were taught in school was glossed over and the founding fathers were all deified. Hindsight with rose colored glasses. Oh, to find out the actual history of events. To know the people who affected change verses those effected by it.

Something feels on the verge of happening, and tomorrow may be the focal point. Of course, I have felt this feeling before, and either missed the event, or it happened, and I absorbed it without fanfare. I guess I really just need to learn to live in the moment and stop anticipating a “sign” or whatever.

I have mentioned before that I like to read what David Wilcock writes. I want to believe what he says, but it requires me to see Donald Trump completely different that I do. Seriously, check out this latest from David:

Yes, a long read there, but worth it if you like to challenge your paradigm. This was a bit of a ramble again, thanks for reading.

Oh, if you forgot what STS stands for, it is Service To Self.

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