Story telling is an art and a science

Directly telling someone what they need to know is often fruitless because the mind has safeguards set up to prevent unwanted ideas from entering. These guards are diligent and “Nobody sees the Wizard, no way, no how!

Stories disguise the message so the mind allows access. (This is why stories are also a source of infectious memes.) A continuous costume party catches the safeguards by surprise. The safeguards are deactivated. A good analogy of this is by John Bunyan, The Holy War. An old but relevant book. Read it and see there are several gates to enter the body.

Parables of Jesus…a goldmine of study. One thing to notice is that Jesus never names the characters in parables… it is a sure way to know Jesus is telling a parable. (I wonder if that is true… I heard that once and it made sense to me.)

Jesus told 30 to 46 parables, depending on how you count them. (Some are retold in different Gospels)

Aesop’s fables too… last week I began musing with a report title: How Aesop Ruined My Life!

The gist of it is summed up in the race of the tortoise and the hare. How working to emulate the tortoise made me slow and methodical. Any speed increase was attributed to the hare, who was NOT to be emulated. Of course, it was my skewed interpretation which was the actual cause of my ruination.

Aesop has over 600 fables attributed to him… that seems a bit much. But, a lot of material to choose from. Another that comes to mind is the Ant and Grasshopper… another one that had a big impact on me and my work ethic… I wonder how many of his fables truly impacted my life?

This rumination of ruination will be most intriguing… Expect to see different parables and fables discussed on this blog in the future.

Creative writing and art – Tools of communication… some are deceptive ones.


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