The struggle is real

What is it that makes us struggle to keep a crappy job? Why do we “push through” the pain to maintain the mediocrity?

More of an issue, why do we expend emotional/physical power to help other’s profit?

The struggle is real. The struggle is exasperated by the threat of being replaced, either with cheaper labor, or automation. A corporation is a “person” according to our legal system. This makes the “race” of corporations our overlords. As corporations’ gain power and money, they divide and conquer mere humans.

Divide and conquer is a war strategy… yes, they are at war… with US! The new aristocracy is the matrix who keep humans alive to feed off our energetic life force. It is just what corporations do.

Well, I am mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! The corporations find humans revolting anyway, so let’s live the part. It is past time for a revolt.

I propose a silent revolt. A simple unplugging from the corporations that manipulate and crush the human spirit. It is a symbiosis that humans can live without. Corporations, on the other hand, cannot exist without humans. Sure, they may be fully automated, but without human capital, there is no market.

We could do an end run around the existing system. Silently build a new system which unites and empowers individuals. An amplifier of synergistic growth. A vast network of individual enterprises, organically connecting and disconnecting as the need arises. A collection of individuals forming living bodies of power. Anti-corporation… or co-operation.

Co-ompetition between individual entities is synergetic. No matter what, you should take back your divine right to rule yourself.

Internalized empowerment.

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