The Creator Race – Art School Confidential

Human is a unique animal; we can think, we can reason, we can read. These characteristics are what sets humans apart. Our communication skills go beyond other animals in that we can communicate across time via the written word. Our communication can linger after we have left this plane of existence. Legacy.

We are co-creators. Our creative energy is powerful magic indeed. This creative energy may be synergistically harnessed miraculously in a group, or it may be cancelled out by other people. Every single human has incredible potential extending beyond the physical realm.

Here is the crux; we manifest, it is our nature. If we have deep seated fears, they will become manifest.

Fear not!

Mankind can put Mind over Matter. Manifestation. We are Inception beings. (There is a good I word.) Innovators. (Another one.) Incredible means unbelievable. (There are some ideas for chapters of an amazing book.)

Here is our dilemma: The singularity is near. Machines will soon replace humans in most careers. It is inevitable. This has been coming for the entire history of mankind. So, will we accept this as Utopia or Dystopia?

Once again, we are free to choose. (Freedom of choice. The original sin?) We need to focus on what we can do that machines cannot.

Think art.

Think creative juices.



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