The Space X launch the 22nd was quite spectacular

The Space X launch the 22nd was quite spectacular

We saw it from pretty much the beginning. We were driving through a parking lot at the time, and had quite a good view of it. We saw the stage separation and the two stages boosting. (The first stage continued to burn since it comes back and lands for reuse.) The moon was in a good position, right in the middle of the action. Elon Musk tweeted that it was a nuclear UFO from North Korea, or something like that. Too soon, I think.

It is amazing how many unique events like this are caught on video now. I had posted my photo of it, and there were already dozens of posting from around SoCal. It is no wonder that Revelation speaks of events which the whole world witnesses at once. Ubiquitous Internet is nearly complete. Smart phones complete the network. Videos streaming completes the system. Videos can be viewed by people who don’t understand the language, and yet still understand it. We are all joined together in one language again. It is as in the times of Noah.

What will happen today? Tomorrow? The first day of next year? It is prime time for a terrorist attack. I know one was thwarted up at Fisherman’s Warf which was to happen Christmas Eve or day. The guys dad was shocked. They caught the guy because of some of the things he posted on Facebook. Surveillance must be easy these days… since we voluntarily give away our information. It really is as George Orwell predicted.

I am still optimistic about the future. I wonder if the prophecies in the bible were designed as a poison pill to keep control. Samson strategy… total annihilation, scorched earth.

If you want to predict the future, create it!

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