This song was playing in my mind when I woke one morning

Forget your hexagrams, you’ll soon feel fine.

Stop looking at the stars, you don’t live under the signs.

Don’t mess with Gypsies, or have your fortune read.

Keep your tables on the floor, and don’t listen to the dead.

The rules were laid down long ago, when the spikes went in the wood.

(Larry Norman)

What is it about music that makes things memorable? Mnemonics, rhythm, and vibration all play a role. Of course, there is repetition… it is the key to retention, right? Melody and harmony… also parts. Syncopation is described by Larry as “Praying rapidly“. Many of us remember the alphabet because of the song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Lyrics and Melody together are simply easier to remember.

It’s all good…

Larry has moved on… I miss Larry Norman.

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