I was patriotic in my youth

I was patriotic in my youth

My boy scout days helped cement the “God and Country” ethos. I wore flag related everything during the Bi-centennial in 1976.

I wore USA related everything in 1984, during the Los Angeles Olympics. I proudly stood and recited the Pledge of allegiance to the Flag.

Where did my patriotism go? What has changed?

On Memorial Day, this year, I had a dream: I was at work and the personal assistant of the CEO came in. She was wearing a replica of a Nazi SS uniform, complete with trench coat. The only difference was, instead of swastikas, there were American flags. It was quite disconcerting. (Perhaps, I have seen Iron Sky too many times…)

Memorial Day is when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. It brings to mind the Movie “Patton” and the iconic line George C. Scott made famous: “Don’t die for your country, let the enemy bastards die for theirs!” I also remember Donald Trump saying injured vets are losers. Quite a dichotomy.

Helter SkelterCharles Manson claims, is derived from the verse in Revelation which talks about brother fighting against brother, families torn apart by division. Prophetic? (Helter skelter really is simply a term to denote confusion.)

What does the future hold for us? One of my Facebook Posts elicited a response about Prophecy. It was related to Donald Trump’s promise to move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Bob had mentioned that we should just do it… because it is in prophecy. I was curious, so I asked him to quote a verse. He told me to google it. I responded that I wouldn’t because I didn’t believe it was a prophecy. I said if he can’t quote the verse, then it doesn’t exist. When I asked him one last time to quote the verse, he declined by telling me I was just too lazy to look it up. My final remark was “that’s what I thought”. I stopped responding after that. (Yes, I have mentioned this before.) I did follow up with a post: http://heresyman.com/gob-smacked-45-is-isaiah-45

How do we lose our awe and wonder? Where do our dreams go? Why do we think we know it all? The Apostle Paul tells us we are to put away childish things. Yet Jesus told us to be like the children. Herein is the crux of the whole situation… so, who do you believe?

I want to believe. That is a quote from a famous poster in Fox Mulder’s office. The poster was referring to UFOs. But this quote in my life would have a picture of Jesus on it.

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