Why wait for transformation?

Why wait for transformation?

I have been thinking a lot about transformation and the new heaven. I think it simply sucks to have to wait, so let’s stop waiting. Let’s just do it!

If you want to know what the future holds, create it!

Here is what to do. Take ownership of your life, you are responsible for it anyway. (Nobody else is.) Only you. So, stop letting others use it, and live it just for you.

Let’s stop waiting for the coming transformation and co-create it by creating our own individual future. Remember, the more people doing this, the more difficult it will be to navigate the transformation.

Don’t wait for the big rush when EVERYONE is going through it. Get a head start on it by embracing and controlling change. Run toward the failures which will bring the breakthroughs you need. Remember, it is easier to move a semi-truck to another lane when it is moving forward.

Stress builds mental muscle… channel the energy toward breaking down this muscle so it can rebuild stronger.

Control the stress. Work it. Be mindful. Stress kills or creates the opportunity for growth.

Wax on – wax off (know the basics instinctually) Work whatever system needed to get it done!

Work the system, join with like-minded people and know synergy is at work! Let’s co-create a wonderful future!

Accept where you are, acknowledge that you have the power to change, and act to take change into and charge of your lifeembrace change!

Change happens, go with it or be taken by it.

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