Alone in a crowd

Back in the day, I used to go to Disneyland at closing time. They didn’t pay attention to people walking back into the park when they were closing, so a hand stamp wasn’t required, as long as you “looked” like you had just come out. (Times were different then.) I did this just so I could sit at the end of Main Street and people watch. I mused how I could be all alone among so many people.

I really do enjoy being alone because I don’t have to explain myself to me. I really enjoy being with others too. It is a balancing act.

I love going to museums and art galleries with others, but find when I am there, I am not interested in the same things. It is nice to separate for a while so I can enjoy focusing on what I like. But I also like to follow along and see what someone else is interested in. This works best if they are not trying to impress, but are simply enjoying themselves. Again, a balancing act.

The same is true with a bookstore.

But, to be honest, bookstores are not as fun as they used to be.

I miss Border’s.

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