Concise writing means not using unnecessary words

…but sometimes I want to use extra words, damn it! That is the way I talk. My writing is meant to be conversational. I just had a thought; writing is like preaching. It is a one-way communique. It is easier to say what you think without people interrupting with questions. (Even if you allow comments on your blog, you have the chance to finish your thought before the interruption.) I have often thought I wouldn’t like to be a pastor preaching because it always felt one-way to me. Teaching at them rather than speaking with them. Now I realize it is not necessarily so. (That is an aha moment for me. I will have to think about that for a while.)

Being a loner is a part of me. Rather than an outcast, I am an outlier. I choose to step aside and observe. I choose to allow others before me. It is based on a meme implanted long ago, to serve others. First shall be last and all that. Not because I want to be first at the end, but because I accepted the belief there is a higher power there to assure fairness in the end. I want to believe! I’ve looked at life from both sides now, from win and lose, and still somehow… it’s life illusions (allusions?) I recall, I really don’t know life, at all!

You know how, when you are a teenager, you know everything? Where does all that knowledge go? It seems, the older I get, the more I don’t know. The person I am is more aware of the vastness of reality. And, the reality I perceive is such a small part of the knowable. I am at the center of infinity. That is mind blowing. There is an infinity outside of me, AND an infinity within.

I am. I know. I can. I will. (Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, Intention) Every individual is different. (Well, I’m not… but everyone else is.)

I don’t understand the choice to end your own life. Yes, I know “There is no greater love than this, to give your life for a friend.” That is the ultimate STO. But, suicide is STS though. Death by cop… suicide? (The ultimate cop-out) Intention is the key. It is like covetousness, it is impossible to know for sure. Implications may lead others to believe, but only the source knows for sure. (Perhaps even the individual doesn’t really know.)

Chemicals are ambiguous too. I have always had a problem knowing that chemicals can change a person. Sure, they may have chosen to ingest the mind-altering chemicals, but is it possible to override free will chemically? True, the chemicals may be administered without one’s consent, but even if they are with consent, it is possible the individual did not know the whole effect. Free will can be overridden. Date-rape drugs, for example. Boy, without a record of EXACTLY what happened, how can one know for sure? This record must include motives… something which can only be implied from the outside.

How can it be known for sure what the motive of each individual is/was? Here is why God is needed. (Of course, it doesn’t prove God’s existence, only the need.) Now, the Akashic Record may hold the answers, but it is only accessible by the individual. So, the individual must judge self.

Reincarnation is likely a need too. It is needed because a lifetime is just too short to get it right. Again, the need does not prove the existence. How long did mankind exist before inventing God? The knowledge of good and evil seems a prerequisite. The garden of Eden is portrayed as idyllic up until the fruit was eaten. Is this simply metaphor? And why hairless? This seems diametrically opposed to evolution.

All these questions…

Putting information and teaching videos on the web forever is almost like the Akashic Record. Just think though… one good EMF pulse from the sun could eliminate most, if not all of that information. Then we would be in the dark ages again. Imagine a radiation so strong, even paper is yellowed or destroyed. Without power, who can access the data remaining on hard-drive storage? How long would it last? Perhaps the ancient cultures had the equivalent of the internet. (Hey, Tower of Babel!) Perhaps they found they could store information in stone… the took it for granite! (HA!) I love the idea of finding a depository of information from a bygone age.

(Sleeper by Woody Allen comes to mind.)

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