Do we really need to get back to the garden?

What is wrong? What is right? How do we know the difference? The fall of mankind is tied to this knowledge. Let’s refresh our memory of what we are told in the Bible of the event which caused the mess we are in today. A singular event or perhaps a series of unfortunate ones?

After Adam was created, things were fine. He walked with God. Adam went through a training program of discovering all the various creatures God had made. His first discovery was that there was a mate for each of the creatures. The creatures were all male and female. A companion was found for every one of them. Adam did not have a companion.

At this point we should think about the relationship between Adam and God. Is it possible Adam’s purpose was originally to be God’s companion? Perhaps the original sin has more to do with the failure to see this. Did Adam bring up the fact there was no companion for himself? Was this Adam’s failure to reciprocate God’s love? Was this the catalyst for the next incident?

Adam was put into a deep sleep. Then God took a rib from Adam and made Eve from it. It is explained that the rib was used to make Eve an equal. Here is the origin of male and female human. If we give this a little thought, we may see this is an object lesson for Adam. A lesson to let Adam know what God experienced when he was rejected.

Tomorrow: The Fall

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