Fast Times

Fast Times

Recently I stumbled upon an ad for “Fasting with Food”. This peaked my interest. The company packages nutrition which mimics fasting by restricting carbs and proteins while supplying essential fatty acids and other nutrients. This intrigues me. It is not so much a fat reduction diet, but rather a longevity diet. This is EXTRA intriguing for me. The company sells prepackaged food to use during the five-day fast. The regimen is to have one five-day fast every month. (I read a review article on this, and believe the cost is around $300). I will do some more research into this.

Being me, I want to order it and try it, NOW. But, now that I am so low on money, I will refrain. Here is a better idea. Let me find out more about what kinds of “food” are used for mimicking a fast. What if I write a book about it… presenting a “Eating Fast” program.

Studies have shown that limiting caloric intake can prolong life. When the body is in fast mode, there are certain systems which turn on and go overboard healing the body. Sadly, many of the researchers have died young. I guess they were pushing the body too far. But, that does not negate the positive advantages of fasting. Balance in everything.

See, if we can provide a program for ‘fasting’ for cheap to a large audience, it could provide a huge amount of data. This is an experiment which could last generations.

I would have to live long enough to see the results.

I am excited about this now. I am feeling a focus coming on – eating my way to my 150th birthday.

The last time I fasted for 20+ days, I only lost 20 lbs. I did not do it for losing weight, and I am pretty sure I didn’t lose too much muscle mass. (I think I was starting to at the end of it though.) It was long enough without any food at that time. (28 days is the longest I’ve fasted with only water.)

I wonder if a three day a week Eating-Fast is something people can insert into a weekly routine? Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday – TWT diet.

The TWiT fast! It could easily become a routine.

All this talk about fasting is making me hungry.

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