Great I-word and movie title — Inception

Great I-word and movie title — Inception

Our mind is a multidimensional representation of our individuality. We must realize our mind has two parts, conscious and subconscious. (Let me interject here, four parts of the mind: Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, and Super-conscious.)

The conscious mind is like the display of your computer. It is an extremely limited interface. You can “see” the information on the display, and it is quite possible to have a lot of information there. (You may have a very large, high density display.) But, it is in no way close to the amount of information you can have stored on your Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Your unconscious mind includes memories like the information on your HDD. But, don’t think your unconscious is limited by the size of your HDD. Your computer may also be attached to the inter-web and you have access to the HDDs of countless other computers, or what is known as The Cloud. This is a close analogy for the Subconscious.

Again, this massive amount of information is accessible, yet, you can only see a tiny portion on your display. The conscious mind is simply the display of information focused on. Oh, and all the information on all of the HDDs of the world are a small part of information available. The nonconscious mind is much more than just information recorded because new information is being created continuously.

We need to remember computer HDD and Memory is simply storage of information already created. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is constantly working with new inputs and creating new information. Short term memory is temporarily held in Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer. This information is held while the CPU is crunching data and creating information. Now, each individual computer is limited by the size and speed of its CPU… until it is connected to the inter-web. Then it is possible to share unused portions of multiple CPUs to create unimaginable computing power.

So, now we can see the non-conscious part of the mind is massive. A wonderful resource if you know how to access it. Keep in mind the conscious mind can only display a microcosm of what the subconscious and unconscious mind contains.

We can, and must, utilize the whole mind.


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