Here we are now, entertain us!

Perhaps it all comes down to our need for entertainment. Crowd participation feeds the hype. I see its effectiveness in megachurches as well as business meetings. What is it about leisure time? Is this a modern problem? Not really, I mean, there were coliseums in Jesus’ day. I am intrigued. It makes me wonder, are there any animals in the wild that seek entertainment? Perhaps otters, they like to play. Amusement, perhaps it activates some sort of creative portion of the mind.

So, why do humans need to be entertained in groups? I wonder if it has anything to do with the collective sub-conscious? Perhaps there is a way to create energy and siphon it off to the power elite. The manifestation power of The Secret is in the stealing of the creative power of the crowd. NLP is the discipline used to connect to the power source of the crowd. This may be reflective of the problem encountered at The Tower of Babel. What a Nimrod!

Well now, if each individual KNOWS this is what happens, rather than avoiding the crowd situation, an individual can tap into the synergistic power of the crowd. When two or more are gathered in my name… we are all connected anyway. If we are joined together as parallel processors, we are a supermind! (In the same way networked computers may have processing power stolen, we can have our minds stolen.) There are psychic hackers! Like siphoning off fuel, these elitists steal our power.

Meditation and such are like antivirus protection programs.

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