I don’t know what to write

I am sitting here watching a recording of The Graham Norton Show and I really don’t have anything to say. I think there is a lot of wisdom in saying nothing when you have nothing to say.

In truth, I have a lot to say, but am not in a mood to say it.

One thing I was just reminded of, there are seven continents o n our planet and they are portrayed as seven worlds on a new program. When I heard the title, it reminded me of the Tower of Babel. The point of the directive from God to man was to spread out into the world, but mankind decided it best to stay together in one place. It is postulated that that is the reason for confusing the language, so man couldn’t cooperate and drifted apart. (Literally… it was after this the continents drifted apart, if you buy into that. In the days of Peleg… but I digress.) The whole point to this is it made me wonder WHY God wanted man to spread out into the world.

I really think it was because the idea is that man get diverse, and then come back together and share life from different perspectives. Something like that… so there, you get the formation of an idea from the mind of Heresyman. I will work on that… there is something there.

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