Here are some random ideas I wrote down while brainstorming about the Power of Ignorance. I just thought I would share:

It is okay to have books… But don’t read them! Like virginity, you can’t regain your ignorance – once it is gone, it is gone!


Demons don’t mind if you have a bible, having one can inoculate you against knowing (as long as you don’t read it). It is too hard for you to understand, they say… So just keep it as a talisman against evil.


It is much easier to form opinions about books you haven’t read… False understanding is okay, as long as you believe. If you do read the book, don’t think about it… you might have to change your opinion!


The Bible is a ransom note. Like the ones put together with cut out letters from magazines, it is compiled of cut out ideas from multiple sources arranged to tell the truth.

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