In our holographic existence

In our holographic existence

Light is the medium of visible life.

The Book of I – an Introspection into Individuals using words starting with the letter I. We move past the trilogy of Body, Mind, and Spirit adding another dimension; Time. Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, and Intention represent Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. Tetrahedron is the first platonic solid, a shape with four sides. This shape represents the basic building block of our dimension. The photon is in this shape. Let there be light!

Everything that is visible is light. Yet light is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Wavicles of existence are included in vibrations far above and below the visible spectrum. X-rays are above, Radio and sound waves are below. The holographic existence includes the entire electromagnetic spectrum. All is vibration.

We talk of different dimensions, but we really should be talking of different densities. Harmonics are frequencies which are in harmony with each other. An octave above is in harmony with an octave below. Harmony and me are pretty good company!

We are Random Number Generation!

Hedy (Hedwig) Lemarr introduced the world to frequency skipping. As long as the transmitter and receiver were skipping to the same frequency at the same time, the signal was clear. She was quite a woman! This added another density to electronic cryptography. Today you can thank this amazing lady every time you use your cell phone. She was beautiful and smart.

It is funny, when I came out of the Air Force, I called amplifiersadders”. I did this because they were used to combine signals to clean the noise from the signal. This is done via a logic circuit in an analog/digital dance. The basic idea is to take a signal (message) and mix it with a chaotic “random” white noise generated using a random number generator. Once the signal is mixed in the white noise, it cannot be read. But, if you can remove only the white noise, the signal (message) will remain. The trick is to know exactly how the white noise is constructed then add that to the noise with the signal embedded. The amplifier cancels the white noise out by combining the two sources. If you don’t have an exact replica of the white noise, you cannot remove the white noise.


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