One body

A body is made up of many members, as is an organization. Every cell in your body dies and is replaced many times during your lifetime. Just as members of an organization leave and are replaced during it’s “life span”. Remember, a corporation is considered a “person” legally. I wonder what the oldest Corporation is? How about the oldest organization? Is there a monastery somewhere that has been operating for a thousand years?

Consider an individual cell in your body. What if each cell had awareness? Imagine it becoming disillusioned with its purpose, and deciding to stop being what it was intended for. Perhaps that is why you have an itch now and then that you have to scratch.

Each cell has a membrane which is networked to all of the other cells in your body. Somehow, messages are transmitted and received by each cell. The organization of your body is intricate and complete. The CEO is up in the brain, with the board of directors in the Mind.

Well now… that analogy is intriguing. Others have taken the analogy even further into inner space… seeing the individual atoms as solar systems in the You-niverse. (see what I did there?) I am starting to sound like someone spacing out on acid…

Tripping the light fantastic. The holographic universe is an interactive play zone. You have direct control of this multiplayer game. Enjoy!




(Note: I am out of town right now… be back August 8. Meanwhile, have you read this? )

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