Rehashed Musings

Rehashed Musings

Who Am I?

Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, Intention – four aspects which form each and every one of us.

Some only see the physicalInstinct and Intellect. Their limited view of life gets them by, but ignorance of half of themselves and others is detrimental to living. Some may admit to another, ethereal part of themselves, but cannot see beyond. A limit to perception. Three is the maximum aspects which may be observed at a time. But the ethereal is also a pair: Intuition and Intention.

Ah, time… that is key to seeing a fourth aspect.

Primary colorsRed, Yellow, Blue. I choose these to represent Instinct, Intuition, and Intellect respectively. I choose White to represent Intention because I perceive it to contain all colors. To illustrate this, shine white light through a prism.

Black is darkness, the absence of color. The background of nothing on which all light shines.


I am curious about languagesound, actually. How did man develop language? Are there root sounds, vibrations if you will, which are universal?

Example, the sound huh can be made in a descending fashion which connotes agreement, or in an ascending fashion which connotes questioning. Is that universal? Or is it only in romantic languages.

Enquiring minds want to know!

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