Thanksgiving Day in Dana Point I was waiting to get running in the Turkey Trot

I had spent the night before at a friend’s home in San Juan Capistrano. I woke at 4:15a and made it to the Harbor and was parked by 5:30a with an hour and a half until the race started. I was a bit past the post sleepy-time SOC that morning since I had used a bit of time to wake up and drive down to the harbor. Despite that, I had my computer with me and was able to write for a bit. While writing, I wondered if forcing 500 words every morning is a good strategy. Rambling coherently is a bit difficult at times, but at least I don’t simply repeat a mantra or one word over and over again. I am going to embrace the idea and continue my morning writing. It is a habit now, and I see no reason to stop.

The Dana Point Turkey Trot was the only Thanksgiving tradition I was able to replicate this year. I had plenty of sleep the previous night, so it was a good day. It was the fortieth running, and I have run over half of those.

I really do express my gratitude for so much that day, but honestly not any more than any other day. I had a good run and an easy drive home, and I am grateful for that. Every breath is reason for gratitude. Gratitude is a moment by moment lifestyle.

Realistically, what makes a good writer? This question reflects the state of mind I was in all day. I was thinking a broader vocabulary would make me a better writer. But, it seems to me communication and story telling is the key. Using bigger words could eliminate a large swath of the readers, I would think. It is imperative the reader understands the vocabulary too. Now, a good writer will use new words in context to teach the meaning, but that is a lot of work… for both ends of the communication.

I think it boils down to just keeping the conversation going.

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