That boy’s not in his right mind!

That boy’s not in his right mind!

I like to play racquetball. It is a sport which has slipped way down the list of popular sports. During my days at Toshiba, I found a friend who was willing to play weekly, but she was not as experienced as I and I won too easily.

So, after the first game, I agreed to play left handed as a handicap. This was quite comical at first. It put her in the winning position and we both enjoyed improving our game. After we finished that first night and walked out of the court, the entire world seemed different. Something activated in my brain and my perception was sharper. I was seeing with both sides of my brain.

It was quite stunning to me.

I now play left handed regularly with a new partner. I still laugh at myself when I miss an easy shot. My left arm is still weaker than my right. Playing regularly enough to keep the practice up, but not seriously improving my game. Once in a while, I will grab the racquet with my right hand without thinking. It is immediately noticeable in the sound the ball makes… My right hand is still most dominant and way better.

Whenever I think about it I try to use my left hand during other activities to get balanced, but my right-hand wins. It is a curious thing. I want to be completely ambidextrous and I know I could if I put my mind to it. I believe learning to write kanji with my left hand would make it easier to remember, and it would make my left-hand dominant in something for a change. 😊.

They say the right half of the brain controls the left half of the body… so that means left handed people are the only ones in their right mind!

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