Value is a curious thing

Value is a curious thing

If a person believes they are starving to death, any valuable item becomes less valuable than food. Panic and fear shift values. It is said that you can’t eat gold. (I did see an article about gold leafed ice cream, and there is Goldwasser from Danzig, so I guess that isn’t true.)

We amass things and hold them valuable. Then, a disaster like Hurricane Harvey or Irma comes along and destroys all the possessions a person has. Or a fire removes all your stuff.

When all you have is you, is that enough? It should be MORE than enough.

I remember the radical idea Keith Green had of giving away his records and tapes. These were tangible items. They cost a lot of money to produce. But, he gave them away asking people to pay what they could. I can only imagine what those balance statements looked like. The idea died in a plane crash with him.

I wonder, is there a way to put this idea to work with digital publication?

It is said you can’t take it with you. It is also said you came into this world with nothing, and you leave with nothing. Do we accept that? (Chuck Missler taught that you may not be able to take it with you, but you can send it on ahead, exchanged into the currency of the realm you are entering. That is a subject for another day.)

We must redefine what creates value. Every minute that passes provides data. Your senses continue to receive input. All this data changes who you are moment by moment. An active learner changes drastically. Is there a monetary value for this?

Money can’t buy me love.

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