Who truly believes in an abundant Bitcoin universe?

How is it any different to believe in an abundant universe than believing in an all loving God who gives abundantly? Are people just using The Universe as a name of God? You go Yahweh, I’ll go mine… (God is a title, not a name.)

Morgan Freeman played God.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr. Universe.

Same role? (Tongue placed firmly in cheek.)

Speaking of abundance, how is it the Bitcoin hasn’t popped yet? Exponential increase in value over the last several weeks! I am in awe, (and wonder about the stability of government backed currency). Is it because there is true value in crypto-currency? More so than Gold?

It is often being used to circumvent the global money system… almost to the point where you will not be able to buy or sell without it. (Did you catch that eschatological reference?) Has its value really increased? Or has the value of government backed currency plummeted? ToMAYto – ToMAHto!

Something has GOT to give… and now the Trump administration is LOOKING INTO IT. (Sends shivers down my spine.)

We live in interesting times, that is for sure. The blessing/curse is come true.

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