Who wants to live forever?


In Genesis, people lived centuries rather than decades.

I have made it known that I plan on seeing my 150th birthday, and that is my short term goal. Today I finished reading a book which bolsters that reality. We are truly living in wonderful times.


This realistic, stated goal of mine is based on research I did a few years back. That research led me to the office of Dr. Ed Park.

I had read his book, Telomere Timebombs and was quite enamored by it.


We had a nice chat, and I started taking TA-65 and did so for about half a year. I felt and saw the change, I really did. It was the tyranny of the urgent that caused me to stop, not because I wanted to, I just never got around to ordering it again after I ran out.


That little exercise improved my life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Fast forward to present time. I found out Dr. Ed Park had written a new book, The Telomere Miracle. It was released recently, so I ordered it. This book is a wonderful, challenging read. It is different from the previous book it wonderful ways. This book simply explains Telomeres are the cause of disease of a thousand faces. I challenge you to read and understand this radical new view. It will change your life, and if you practice what is preached in this book, you better plan for a long-long life. Triple digit age will be the norm soon…

Check this book out.

I highly recommend it.

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