An Imposition

An Imposition

Heresyman blog is an imposition exposition… by design.

To impose means to place a burden on someone.

To expose means to uncover.

I do intend to impose when I write.

I do intend to expose when I write.

When I offer an imposition I ask you to put yourself in-position to grow. (See what I did there?) I do not mean to cause grief, only to encourage growth. I will try to expose the truth as I learn more of it. If I fail, please forgive me.

Keep a loving heart. Please read with patience and understanding.

If I rant, allow the rant, and choose to refuse to take it personally. You cannot control what people say but you CAN choose how you receive it.

If I offend, please know that was never my intent.

I am on a journey of personal growth.

Please join me!

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