What is my purpose?

In another dream one night, I dreamed of a picture of a Jeepney which had the sparkplug wires mounted on the front. I asked if those were connected to the actual sparkplugs for the engine, and wondered if it meant the motor was mounted vertically.

The scene shifted to the inside of an assembly plant where a worker was quickly placing resistors in a circuit board moving down an assembly line. (It was as if he was showing he could place them as fast, or faster than an automated system.) Of course, there was much more to this dream, but these are the only two fragments I remember… because I was jolted awake by an alarm going off … (it was the alarm from the stand next to the bed. I was pulled out of a deep sleep by it… a very rare occasion.)

The resistors were blue, axial, high tolerance, with color code bands printed on the body. Very old school… and precise. I bring this recollection up because the fact that the assembly person was placing resistors seems relevant. To me it is a metaphor – placing resistance in society to refine its operation.

This dream reminded me of a comic character I designed when working at Xidex Data Disc. (I had an idea of teaching electronic theory using the comic.) Reverse EMF, a member of Ohmland Security, a resistance to free electrons. He is a helmeted cop in the electron world, making sure electrons choose the right path. Resistance is not the only control of a circuit, but it is a good place to start. (Electronic circuits could be a good analogy of society.)

The Jeepney part of the dream seems to represent transportation, saying how I got to the assembly plant. My long history is exactly what is needed for who I am, and why I am. My destiny lies within the framework of my past. My Omni Magazine life has brought me up with the needed blend of Science Fact and Science Fiction. A blend needed to create our future destiny.

The circuit board assembly line is preparing for the future. Let’s think of it as setting up a control circuit of transformation.

Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, IntentionMantra of the Transformation.

Time has arrived… let’s DO THIS!


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