Corporations are people too

Corporations are people too

A corporation is legally a person. A living entity. The fact of the matter is, any group of people can become an entity which is a selfish macro-person. “Survival of the Fittest” kicks in, and cooperation with the Power Base is all that matters. Dog eat dog. Good guys finish last… actually, they are FINISHED!

There are so many people at the end of their rope. They’ve worked 40+ years in a system which spit them out. Retirement is unfeasible for them. Basic living is unfeasible. “Brother can you spare a dime for a fellow American who is down on his luck?”

Just as there are nice people and mean people, there are nice organizations and mean organizations. There are psychotic people and psychotic organizations. There are well people and sick people and there are well organizations and sick organizations.

In some people the cancer is winning, and it is the same with corporations, governments, and other organizations.

The older a person is, the more set in their ways. The same with organizations.

If all individuals leave an organization, the organization is dead.

Change is needed. Individual change.

Break Free!


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