Creative Writing 101

Went to a book signing today at The Open Book in the Oaks Mall. The featured Author, P.L.Tavormina, is a fellow Inkling and her book is Aerovoyant. Imagine a distant future where mankind has been forced off the earth because we destroyed it, and have colonized another planet where we start again… after altering human DNA to adapt to the alien environment. The more things change, the more they stay the same… and the new humanity risks destroying another planet. A great read!

Not only did I get my copy signed by the author, I also rediscovered an independent book store close to home. It is a nice book store with a nice selection of new and used books. Now that I live in the area, I will frequent it more often.

I mentioned that P.L.Tavormina, the author, is a fellow Inkling. Inklings is a group of writers who meet in Simi Valley twice a month and I am honored to be a member. We happened to have a meeting this morning in fact, and I ran into a few more Inklings on my way out. (They were on their way in for the book signing.) If you have a chance to meet with a group of creative people regularly, do it! I learn so much every time we meet.

Oh, and read a book!



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