Dreams affect me

On May Day 2017 I had a Dream:

I was driving down the freeway and saw an old VW bug in the slow lane. A bicycle ran into the back bumper and the rider flew off the bike, crashing through the back window. As the window shattered, I could see there was a small child car-seat in the back. The rider landed on top of it. I was traveling faster and passed quickly because the VW had stopped. I saw the bike rider climb out the back window and climb back onto his bike just before the accident was out of view. My companion and I arrived at our destination and parked. As I was walking around the car I noticed the same VW arrive and park. I told my companion I would catch up and went over to talk with the VW driver. I mentioned how crazy the accident was and the driver agreed but quickly walked away, leaving his three boys to catch up. Two young boys were helping their youngest brother out of the car seat. I talked with the boys and mentioned how scary that must have been. They said they agreed, and said all their accidents have been scary. I noticed the youngest boy, three or so, had a bruised face. I walked with them along the entry to the restaurant. This was a theme restaurant all about climate. Sprinklers and fans turned on to make mock weather and we all got wet. My companion was by the front door watching us approach. Then I woke.

To help discover any possible meaning of that dream let me write about the possible event which triggered it. I had gone to sleep with Applied Medical heavy on my mind. My thoughts were based on a text I had received from Rose, a former work mate. She had mentioned that the company is still growing incredibly fast. They are in the process of hiring 500 more engineers. The four divisions will be growing to become nine. This news had put me in a funk because I was not there to grow with them. I am still in disbelief about being fired and the lack of communication from the upper management. It caused me to reflect on my current precarious position of zero income.

My final thought is this: To succeed, despite that, is my best recourse.

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