So, why did I stop looking for a job?

Sure, it was a blow to my ego, spirit, soul when I was fired. It was a shock. I jumped on the job hunt right away. I was sure it would not be long before I found another job. (The economy was nothing like it was when Toshiba laid me off after 20 years. At that time, it was nearly two years before I could land my job at Applied Medical. This time around, the jobs were plentiful.) I will share the story of my firing in a future post. This post is about now…

After 6 months, the small check from unemployment stopped. I honestly never expected to be out of work for that long. I did relocate during that time, so I consoled myself with the idea that I simply needed to refocus my search in a completely new area. I did not have a network of former workmates outside of Orange County. I had assumed in this new age of the internet, it didn’t matter.

Sadly, a resume is less effective than it used to be. Too many have embellished and lied on their resume. All the experience I gained last century basically dropped off. Too much time has gone for relevance. Only two companies appeared on my history. Longevity is not a selling point any longer. No hiring manager will admit it, but age is an issue also.

No matter, I struck out intending to find a good company. I had some strong hits initially and had several face-to-face interviews. The problem with searching in a new area is the fact that nobody really knows who you are. The basic assumption is everything a candidate says is embellished. Having been fired from my previous job is a huge hindrance. I have tried to soften the impact by saying my position was eliminated (I was not replaced, so I justified this misleading statement). I was honest and answered the question of why I left my previous employer the best I could. Within the first six months of my job search that seemed adequate. But in hindsight, I believe the “understanding” of the hiring managers was proven false by the lack of job offers.

I have had plan-b working also, and have invested time and money into a prospect of changing careers. Writing has always been a desire of mine. (I would say passion, but for that to be true, I would have to write all the time. The fact is, I have never prioritized writing.) Knowing the writer’s life is difficult, I invested in courses and conferences. The biggest problem with copy writing for money is the fact that it is highly competitive. It is the fall back for everyone displaced. Some companies and groups are making huge money selling people the idea of copy writing for a living. I like the idea of copy writing, but the hyperbole required is distasteful for me.

Writing fiction appeals to me. But I don’t see that putting food on my table in a quick, steady fashion. Non-fiction has an appeal. I would love to share my thoughts on Life, God, The Universe, and Everything. I am used to telling my thoughts one-on-one if someone asks. That doesn’t happen much any longer. I am detached from all my old friends. I guess my best course of action is to join up with a local writers group and make new friends. In the meantime, I have to find something to provide a stream of income. I could drive for Lyft, or work Wonolo day jobs, but those are huge time drains and are low income.

It’s funny, I would jump at the chance to work a 9-5 job right now. Perhaps the reason I am not being offered one (regardless of the fact I am no longer looking) is that I need to push forward on my own. I have been going through the motions of doing just that. Rousseau Arts is resurrected now, and Heresyman is a name brand I will continue. It is time for all the groundwork I’ve been laying to pay off. Popular Paradigms Magazine is a goal, as well as the ‘Book of I’.

Step by step, this will happen!

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