ex nihilo – Something from nothing

I had been living from a perspective of limited resources in a limited world hurtling through an empty universe. Now that has changed, I see a world of plenty in the abundant universe… not emptiness, but infinite potential!

It seems to me we can reduce our view to one of two possibilities:

1) We live in a finite universe where there is a limited amount of energy and stuff, and it is up to the strongest to get control and use it effectively.

2) We live in an infinite universe of abundant energy and stuff, and there is more than enough to go around.

I choose to go with choice #2 now… #1 wasn’t working out for me.

I have been reading some books by Wallace D. Wattles. In his preface to The Science of Getting Rich he said the book is: “It is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward.” This hooked me, and basically, he teaches that there is a substance between energy and stuff, and it is thought which makes stuff happen. Originally all stuff came from the thought of God. God made us in his image and that means we can make stuff from the in-between substance too. There are many conflicting thoughts going on, and many simply not thinking, so stuff is not being made as needed. Napoleon Hill told us that we only need to think to grow rich. All we need to do is imagine our fortune and it will appear!

In the movie Star Wars, Luke told Han the Princess they were going to save was rich. Han asked how rich, and Luke said, “richer than you can imagine!” Han replied, “I can imagine a lot!” Well, so can I. So where is all this wealth I am imagining?

I am told it is because I am not imagining it well enough.

I am told it is because I am not believing it well enough.

I am told my paradigm hasn’t shifted enough.

But Wallace D. Wattles says it is a Science, infallible. He said if I follow the Laws, it must happen!

Something is rotten here, and too many people are fleecing others to get ahead. Fleecing others with deceptive “marketing” and “psychology” is choosing option #1. It is moving wealth from the unsuspecting into coffers of the seller. Buyer Beware! To be working in choice #2 the seller must be creating ex nihilo (something from nothing), creating value from that in-between substance!

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