Finished up reading Howl’s Moving Castle

Finished up reading Howl’s Moving Castle

I didn’t realize it was the first of a trilogy… (now I have to read the other two books). I really did like the book. It makes me want to drag out my copy of Miyazaki’s Anime of the same name (derived from the book) and watch it again. I think I will enjoy it even more now.

The interview at the end of the book revealed the Author in an unexpected way. To me, it seemed she answered questions from the character’s point of view. It is interesting that she treats the fantasy world as real. Which, I think it just may be.

She mentioned how many young girls have told her that they want to marry Howl. It made me think of how real these stories are to people. So real, that the worlds created in the stories must actually exist in a parallel universe somewhere, as described in Robert Heinlein’s book, Mark of the Beast. Perhaps the continuous creation of other dimensions is exponentially growing because of human interaction. (This is why humans in The Matrix are required by the A.I. to continue existing, but that is another post…)

Our godlike creative conscious is adding exponentially to the infinite omniverse. It is quite a concept, and curiously fits in with the description Prudence Calabrese gave in her book, Intentions: Intergalactic Bathroom Enlightenment Guide. I miss reading her stuff… I wonder if I can manifest a new connection with her?


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