Ghost in the Machine

New Book!

I am just starting to read another Napoleon Hill book – Outwitting the Devil (The Secret to Freedom and Success) which he wrote in 1938 but it hasn’t been published until now.

It is a curious thing Napoleon is sharing in the book… he believed there are two persons in each of us, one who leads with fear and the ‘other’ who leads in faith. The person leading with fear is always in control, the ‘other’ quietly waits. It would seem this ‘other’ is the ‘still small voice’ you will hear if you listen.

I will share more when I’ve finished the book… but I found this on page 28 and found truth in it:

“Above everything else, get this fact clearly fixed in your mind, that your ‘other self’ will not do your work for you; it will only guide you intelligently in achieving for yourself the objects of your desires.”

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