Let me make this fast…

Fast times

If you know anything about me, you know I believe in fasting. My longest fast was 30 days. My last fast was 20 days. (It was January 2016, something to do with an election.)

Once, around my 50th birthday, I was quite good about visiting my doctor, so I thought I’d “tell my doctor”, as admonished just about everywhere. I asked him if he thought it would pose a danger to me.

He asked me if it was for spiritual reasons. I told him I didn’t see why that would make a difference if it would be safe for me to fast. I asked if his answer would be different depending on my answer. He said if it was for religious reasons, he would not advise against it.

I said, in that case… it is.

This time, it is the same as every time. I feel a body reset is required. Just like rebooting my computer or iPhone when things ‘just aren’t right’.

My fast will start on February 1st. It will end on the last day… yes, I chose the shortest month of the year, but did it in a leap year.

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