I wonder what is going on with the Alliance vs. Cabal war

So many have put their faith in Trump and it appears to be crumbling. It is true that they only wanted somebody to “shake up” Washington, but I wonder if they are ready for the destruction that is happening. I know Steve Bannon is rooting for the complete crash of the system, but is he really prepared for the aftermath? We the People need to step up and keep the faith. Transparency is our best hope. Total disclosure of all that has happened. In our history, especially the last 70-80 years. Perhaps even longer than that.

What was the world REALLY like 2000 years ago? What REALLY happened in Israel? Is it possible that the real teachings of Jesus were corrupted by the Cabal? Josephus and Paul (Saul of Tarsus) were possibly the same person, and he is the one who steered the narrative into the opiate of the masses to keep Rome in charge. Boy, that is quite an accomplishment if he did. He was the first modern mass marketer. Hail Caesar!

Also, what happened that caused the Dark Ages? What was it that stopped the enlightenment of mankind? Was the enlightenment of the middle ages a false light? Where are the contents of the Library at Alexandria? Is the Vatican the depository of hidden knowledge? What about the East? Could this be why the wall was erected and the division of East and West occurred? What will we find out in the coming months?

Or is all this just a FLASH in the pan?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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