Reflecting on life

I connected with Monty Python when they were new. I connected with the original Star Trek when it was already in syndication. Same with The Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, etc. Dick Van Dyke was a big influence as was Lucille Ball, Danny Kaye, and others. Did Father Know best? Was Gilligan’s Island a microcosm of life? Saturday morning cartoons. After School Specials. Speed Racer, Kimba, and other shows on UHF… Sesame Street was enjoyed during Jr. High and High School. It was the Muppets that drew me in.

My love for reading began in High School with Science Fiction Lit. and Ms. Wilde. This class was the pivot point from reading to assignment and reading for enjoyment. Then, becoming “born again” inducted me into reading for spiritual enlightenment. Of course, Christian Radio was a big influence too.

Now that we’ve come this far, where do we go from here? Nomadic life is one thing, but having a destination seems more productive. Living on the fringe of society may be required to affect it… seeing the forest for the trees. But, affecting society from within may be more effective though. Perhaps a hybrid lifestyle is better, taking trips to the edge for perspective.

Well now, here I am at 59 years of age. What do I have to show for it? That really doesn’t matter… what matters is; what do I have left to give? It is time to take my lifetime of experience and knowledge and apply it for the good. Expose the corrupt. Lighten the dark places. Encourage others.

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