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I wonder if my morning routine includes too much sugar. I start every morning with a glass of fresh celery juice. (Loralyn and I started doing this after reading Anthony William’s book, Medical Medium.) I believe this is an alkalizing step. I drink this before any water. Next, I put a packet of Acai flavored EmergenC in a glass, fill it halfway with POM Pomegranate juice and the rest of the way with Sambazon Acai juice. I drink this concoction while eating a banana. This is usually all done before 6:00a. (Within 45 minutes of waking up.) It is after all this that I have breakfast. Too much?

Next, (actually, during my juice and banana), I sit down at my computer and write at least half hour of stream-of-conscious… I have been doing so for over a month now. (Habit now? I hope so.) It is generally a good way to get the day started and get some ideas down. It is also a good time to write down any dream I had before the memory fades away.

Which reminds me

Last night I had a long dream which ended with me throwing out some things I had been keeping for nostalgic reasons. (The rest of the dream had already faded from memory.) As I tossed boxes, one shoebox size container opened and the contents fell out on the top of the trash heap in the bin. Most of the items were plastic model parts. My first impulse was to scoop up the items and keep them. There were three partially built models of steampunk type train engines. They were basically all the same style, but three different scale sizes. I looked at them for a long time thinking about just gathering them up. I finally closed the bin lid and walked away empty handed. Then I woke.

Life goes on… and on…

I read a quote yesterday that if you are alive thirty years from now, you will likely live to see one thousand years from now. This quote is based on the ideas reflected in the book The Singularity is Near. I read this and related books when they first came out… It is the reason I had stated my goal of seeing my 150th birthday. (I selected 150 years because we are already seeing a large portion of the population reach 100 years.)


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